Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Birthday party - sorta Seuss style

When trying to come up with a theme for my twins 3rd birthday party last month, I went the easy route and chose a theme that jived with the decor of the party location (also something "easy" -- we went with a "Pump it Up" location).  The wonderful bright colors of a Dr. Seuss theme seemed perfect!

Now, most people with twins seem to gravitate toward the "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" idea, but I wanted something a little less obvious (especially since my twins aren't identical).  Teal, black and red filled the color pallet and while I had a very strong desire to go all nuts with meaningless decor items, I tried to keep my craftiness under control.

I REALLY wanted to use by brand new sewing machine (thank you in-laws!).  I scoured the internet on hunt for project ideas and landed on a "green", reusable tote as an idea for favor bags (my now 3yr olds LOVE bags -- any kind -- so I hoped these would be a hit for our little party guests).   I used the tutorial found HERE to craft bags out of Robert Kaufman Seuss fabric

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We filled the bags with a copy of "One Fish, Two Fish" and some colorful goldfish crackers in a treat bag.

I know B&K love to play with their totes daily, so I hope the other guests enjoyed them, too!

I also felt they needed to stand out a bit.  So I took to making them special applique birthday shirts and crowns  (both of which I sewed mainly by hand . . . while I sort of mastered my "sewing in a somewhat straight line" skills with the bag project, circles and tight corners was a little out of my league at this point!). 

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The tutorial for B's crown can be found here and the pattern for K's tiara can be found here