Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Superhero Birthday for 4 Year Olds

My twins were born in March.  To say the least, we have unpredictable weather in March.  It could be warm, could be snowing, we've had both.  So, I have to use a "location" for birthdays.  But, I do try to have fun with the theme, even if it doesn't coordinate with the venue.  You'll remember last year's COWBOY Theme. 

This year we went with Superheros, but not necessary Marvel.  Just generic all around SUPER.

The invites were scraplifted, thank you internet:

I printed them on resume paper and tied with twine, then mailed in regular #10 envelopes.

I made choke free capes, inspiration HERE.  Basically, backpack style {and cheap}.  My boys can be rough, I didn't care to have an choke outs at this birthday.  

Grab bags were simple cellophane bags picked up at Hobby Lobby filled with Marvel  themed candy (found at Dollar Tree), silly straws (left over from last year), stickers (Superhero and Disney Princess), and Captain America fruit snacks.  All tied with primary curling ribbon, just to be fun.
Handmade (choke free) capes and grab bags.  
I personalized what what I could, using felt and Wonder Under.  
The hand sanitizer was covered with this:

which was meant to be a water bottle label, but that idea petered out at the last minute.
One of my friends made cupcakes for men (they were yummy, I ate 4), I found the toppers  HERE
the Main event.  A little intimidating, but even the smallest kids tried it out

The smallest guest

Show us your capes!!!!  The super fancy capes are from  Baby Pop including L&Ks, last year's gift from the BK Special.  

Even Papa had a cape.

For the thank you cards, I went easy on Mixbook.  {love their flat cards}

plus, everyone got a photo from the day :)