Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Voice Mail and Phone Log {Printable}

Follow suit from my last post, I'm giving you another printable, office edition.

I was being overwhelmed with sticky notes, then trying to find a past client was a night.mare.  I came up with this, I can simply file away and scan through when I need to contact someone I worked with last year, last month, or yesterday.

Oh, and there is room for a check mark.....since I need that in my life :)

Want it?  It's available to download HERE.  This time it's a pdf since I realized that you may not have the fonts I used.  {Budmo Jiggler & Honey Script in the header}

Enjoy!!!  Get your checkmark on!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing the phone log printable! And very classy looking it is :-)

ally said...

You are the BOMB-DOT-COM!!! This sheet is amazing and just what i was looking for!

Theresa Redwood said...

Hi, could you provide the words file or excel i would like to make it landscape and make the notes field bigger.


Jenn Murray said...

Theresa: I missed this (a year ago). Here's the excel file: