Wednesday, June 1, 2011

End of Year Teacher Gifts

My boys recently celebrated their last day of their first year of preschool.  We wanted to do a little something for the staff, but needed to be budget friendly.  Additionally, this had to be quick since I waited until the very last day to throw it together.

Between the two boys, there are 2 teachers, 3 aides, 1 bus driver, and and aid for the driver. 

Here's what we came up with:

I was inspired by:
with their clever "Mint to Teach" gifts

along with "fortunate to be my teacher"

I was able to pick up vinyl paint cans and take out boxes at my local Michaels on the cheap.  I also grabbed a hand full of ribbon in fun, primary colors.  I then headed to Target for goodies.  I needed something mint for the teacher pails.  When I discovered the Wint-o-greens were sold out, I went with York Peppermint Patties.  For the take out boxes, I just used a general chocolate mix.  My boys helped me stuff all the containers.

To jazz up the boxes, I made a quick graphic in Photoshop {I use Elements} very similar as is available to download HERE.  The polka dot is a digital scrapbook paper freebie available HERE. My circles were about 4" in diameter, so I used my creative memories circle template system because I lack the skills to be a neat cutter.  I wanted to personalize the tops so at the end of the day we got all the credit we deserved for such cute packaging.  I simply made a smaller version of the circle as shown here.

Here they are, all together:

For less than $40 {including ribbon}, we have personalized, thoughful, edible gifts for seven special people that keep my kiddos safe and happy 4 days a week.

If you want to read more about my boys, visit our family blog here.


Marianne said...

Such thoughtfull gifts. I am planning on making a little gift for our crossing guard and her teacher. Just something simple, but I have too many ideas in my head. This looks really nice and I might go with it unless the girl has some ideas on her own that she wants us to do. Thank you for sharing.

Leah said...

These are so cute and thoughtful, I bet the teachers will love them.