Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Goodies for Halloween - Cupcake & Cookie Costume Tutorial

My family lives near a wonderful bakery.  And my children are the biggest fans!  While trying to decide what to torture dress up my twins for Halloween, I landed on a couple of super cute options from PBK which would fit the theme of "Goodies from the Bakery".  And while I am often a shopper of this wonderful store, I found this tutorial online and became inspired to get my craft on!   The result? 

CUPCAKE for my daughter!

And a COOKIE for my son!

My supply list included:
 2 yards of Pink fleece
1.5 yards of dark brown felt
1 yard of cream felt
White grosgrain ribbon
Wide brown ribbon
1 yard of white ruffle trim
10 felt squares (various colors)
Heat/Iron Interfacing
Thread or Embroidery floss (I used the embroidery floss) in colors to match felt
Items to make circles (I used a stencil tool, container from kitchen, basket & place mat.  I could have also used an embroidery hoop)


I pretty much followed the tutorial from Lemon Tree's site.  I decided to make mine "sew" vs. "no sew" only because I knew my 2.5 year old would find more joy in ripping off glued pieces / circles than collecting candy on Halloween.  And since I don't have a sewing machine ::cough, cough . . . Xmas list!::  I decided to hand sew all the pieces.  Yes, this took a lot bit more time, but since I don't know how to use a sewing machine I'll call it a "wash" time-wise in the end.  :)

I used a few items for guides instead of free handing . . . like, I used one of my daughter's dresses to measure out the length for the two fleece pieces and the felt cupcake bottom (go ahead -- try to get a 2.5 year old toddler to sit still to measure.  I dare you!).

I used a kitchen container to map out the scallop look on the two fleece pieces

I also used a ruler / guide to measure out the pieces for the bottom of the cupcake and the circles for the sprinkes on the cupcake.

I also cut arm holes for the bottom layer of fleece -- it just seems to lay a bit better.  And I also sewed on a strawberry with fluff to a headband just to complete the piece!


I took my scraps from the cupcake project and made a cookie for my son.  My scientific way to measure out the size for this was to take various circle shaped things from around my house and hold them up to my son's chest.  Nice, eh?  The black basket that holds decorative balls in my living room seemed to be the best fit.  So I used this to cut out my main cookie.  I folded the felt in half and cut 2 circles at a time (so I had 4 total circles).

I then used a smaller circle (a place mat from my dining room) to measure out the "icing".  I only cut one circle for this.  

Next I used scrap felt to make the "sprinkles" and placed them on (and pinned) to see how many I would need. 

{this is where it got to be late into the night and I stopped taking pictures.  Sorry!}. 
I pinned the cream "icing" to ONE piece of the brown felt.  Then I stitched the icing to the brown felt and each piece of sprinkle to the icing.  Then I used the interfacing to bond a 2nd piece of brown felt to the main front (just making it thicker and more sturdy).  I did the same to the 2 remaining pieces of brown felt for the back of the cookie.  Then I measured out two shoulder straps from the brown ribbon and I also ended adding 2 small straps to the sides for stability as well.
Both outfits will be finished off with brown pants & coordinating shirts underneath.  Check my family blog later this week for pictures of the little peeps in their outfits (hopefully). 
Happy Halloween!