Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Simple Reward Chart for Toddlers

I started searching for a potty reward chart for my soon to be 2.5 year old twin boys.  Then, I decided just a reward chart would be nice, something similar to a the chore charts you see.  You know, for those rare times when they listen to Mommy.  I needed something super simple since it would be covered by stickers in the near future (we hope!). 

My search quickly found that reward charts were 1) cartoon-y, 2) all things primary colors, or 3) boring.  I wanted something fun.  So, I threw this together, literally.  I kept it simple.  Not only did it not need embellishments, since stickers were in it's future, but it had to be 2 year old proof (if that's possible). 

Here they are, one chart for each boy:

I used 12" x 12" sheets of My Mind's Eye 2 sided cardstock from the Out Out collection, leftover ribbon, 1 1/2" circle punch, 2" scalloped rectangle punch, thickers, and my favorite....
kraft paper [sighs]. 

I wanted 6 across, but the scalloped punch was too large.  If the two charts hung side by side weren't symmetrical, it would have drove me insane. 

My plan is to have a big reward when each "row" is filled with stickers.  Big rewards will consist of $1 items from Target or Dollar Tree.  Items like books, dinosaurs, or cars will make excellent bribes rewards.  Stickers will be rewarded upon using the potty, following directions, or not throwing fits every 3 seconds.

Now to implement the reward system and stock up on rewards.....

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Baye said...

Just popped over after finding the alphabet poster and ended up wandering over here. I have a Keegan, too! Mine is a 35 year old girl;-]!! Keegan was my grandmother's maiden name. Love both the names.